Become a Medibino® product ambassador

Working with you is very important to us, as you can closely accompany young parents during the most important time and inform and educate them about positional plagiocephaly with reliability and competence. That’s why we would be delighted to have you as a Medibino® product ambassador to help make sure that our innovation reaches parents and their babies.

As a Medibino product ambassador, YOU will receive:

    • A heavily discounted Medibino® as a demonstration model for 15 EUR (up to 2 demonstration samples per midwife)
    • Marketing material to show and distribute
    • Personal voucher codes that give parents a 20% discount on the current price in our online shop. Parents can easily redeem it in our shop.
    • Exclusive information on further developments of the Medibino® and other developments of Kluba Medical GmbH as well as medical background information.

We will take care of the ordering and shipping for you. There is no contractual obligation. If you need Medibino baby pillows in addition to samples, please contact us for our dealer price list. 

To register, simply enter your details in the registration form: